Elliott says...
Cheers Geoff, solid recording at a decent price. Couldn't ask for more. Good fun too. Thanks a lot.
steve ghostriders says...
Geoffrey, great experience, you done a great job, we will def be back to do more your a great guy.
Alastair Thomson says...

Thanks Geoff for your relaxed but professional approach and general encouragement which helped me a lot as a first time in studio person.

Vic Payne says...

Thanks so much!
The family loved it!
We are exchanging the song for a £5 donation to cancer research.

Philip Rose says...

Very happy with the tracks

thank you

Rachel Piper says...

Bloody hell Geoff, that was quick, lol! They sound great. :-) Well done

Jason Walder says...

Hi Geoff

thanx for the tracks they sound great


Andrew McGregor says...

Nice work Geoffrey I am very impressed. You have given the band a bit more warmth through the reverb and I can hear everything that\\\'s going on so the balance is good. It has the right feel for our band which is what I wanted and it will be perfect for letting people hear what we can do and getting us more gigs.
Thank you so much for a great job.
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