Welcome to Altered Studios

Here at Altered Studios, we like to encourage others to reach their goals musically and creatively. Here you will hopefully find something to spark and unlock your creative side.

We are a Rehearsal and Recording Studio Service, based in Bexhill-On-Sea, East Sussex, We offer a wide selection of services, including several packages ranging from day rentals to promotional deals, maintaining the relaxed and friendly working atmosphere that musicians want. Whether you are just recording a single track or a full length album, we will provide the deal for you.

We are able to produce high quality sound recordings within our purpose built live room, which has been deemed as being industry standard quality. We are also capable of recording live gigs at the same quality, as we tell most of our clients, it is possible to make a professional recording anywhere using professional techniques.

As our audio examplesl show, we have the right knowledge and expertise to make you sound great and can offer advice on song structure, musicality and help produce music which will appeal to most audiences.

We are trained to degree standard, which means he holds a qualification in Recording as well as having 20 years of audio and music experience behind us. Our background is based on providing high quality, industry standard recordings at an affordable price. We aim to focus mainly on up and coming bands in the surrounding Sussex County. Our premises are accessible by all means of public transport and by car, as we are a 2 minute walk from Bexhill train station and have 2 parking spaces during the week as well as having other spaces on weekends.

We can also offer services to most of the United Kingdom, please feel free to contact us by email. As previously mentioned, we also offer a live performance recording service, if you require a recording of a memorable gig which you are performing at or you want to capture your sound as a demo to send to prospective venues for you to perform at, we can offer a service to meet your requirements.

With lots of live music venues in Sussex, there is a host of local talent waiting to be unlocked, which as a Recording Studio Service we hope to capture and harness that talent into something more. Our level of professionalism is extremely high and we thrive to make all recordings to a high industry standard.

With great deals on recording sessions with Altered studios, whether it is a demo or EP, or even a full length album, we will always have quality as well low prices to suit your needs and interests and do not mislead for our own personal gain and interests. We cater for most genres of music and all ages (under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult) Take a look at our impressive equipment list and we look forward to working with you soon and who knows what creative possibilities are in store.

If you are just looking for a place to rehearse, our live room can be fully kitted out with a bass amp, 4x12 Marshall cab (unfortunately no amp), full drum kit and PA system ready to use with a maximum of 5 vocal mics.

Why not navigate our site via the buttons to the left for more information or go to the contact page to ask us a question about our services.

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